• Friday, 16. April 2021 04:31

EQ and Lady Vox killed by Aegis for the fist time!


Earthquake on 8/14

  • Severilous FTE but wiped due to low numbers and lack of buffs.  A good hard fight by those present though.  We will get him next time for sure.
  • Plane of Fear golems - Quick recovery in Emerald Jungle and moved to Plane of Fear one step behind Riot.  FTE'd and killed Terror while Riot was engaged on Dracho.  Riot then engaged dread giving Aegis a fair chance at Fright! 
    • Golem Drops included
      • Soul Leech, Dark sword of Blood (SK Epic!)
      • Child's Tear (Shaman Epic!).  Congrats to Thiccc for a completed Shaman epic 2 days later!
  • As our final quake effort we took a chance with a small crew of level 52 characters backed by a couple level 60's and went after Lady Vox next.  After several struggles with buggy positioning of Vox within her lair, and fear pathing issues causing adds, Aegis finally came out on top in a near flawless final attempt!  Big thanks to KWSM and TSS for not trying to contest till we had a few attempts.  And a huge thanks to Xord for coming out for enchanter buffs and mana sieve's. 
    • Vox drops included
      • White Dragon Scale!!! - Congrats Khaymann on Aegis' second white scale earned.
      • Tobrin's Mystical Eyepatch
      • Torn, Frost covered book
      • White Dragon Tooth


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