• Friday, 16. April 2021 04:07

Plane of Fear Golem race and Plane of Hate snipe crew


8/28 - Fear Golem race vs Freedom - Golems popped over night and we gathered in Feerrott at 10:30 am to race Freedom.  A fast FTE on Terror by Aegis but Freedom was able to shift gears fast and FTE Fright soon after.  The ensuing DPS race was won by mere seconds but saw Aegis victorious!!  Kiters all died and Aegis and Freedom's hard work was met with a full wipe and a struggle of a CR.

  • Terror
    • Soul Leech, Dark Sword of Blood - Rotted during CR cry
    • Amulet of Necropotence - Melisandre!
    • Child's Tear! - Grats Daww
  • Dread
    • DawnFire, Morning Star of Light
    • Darkwood Trunk

Later in the evening Rainik tracking Plane of Hate spots Magi P'Tasa up!  Aegis quickly mobilized and killed Magi in short order.  Sadly no Earth staff.  Sorry Mages.


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