• Friday, 16. April 2021 03:15

Server Reset and some huge wins for Aegis!!


8/29 Server reset was a ton of fun and brought Aegis some much sought after rare loot!  ALS's first Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth!  ALS will soon have achieved every epic available! Congrats Vanenia.

  • 17 player Severilous kill - Aegis finally wins it's 4th Green Dragon Scales!
    • Cloak of Flames
    • Spell: Pox of Bertoxxulous - Grats Fabb
  • Plane of Fear golems - Slimeblood no longer alludes us!
    • Slimeblood - Grats Zierox
    • Dawnfire, Morning Star of Light
    • Staff of the Earthcrafter
  • Lady Vox kill #2 - First attempt kill with only 2 melee DPS class!
    • Staff of Forbidden Rights - Grats Shuredruid (saving for Aegis raid use)
    • Dragon Bone Bracelet - Grats Calis
    • Ice Comet - Grats Harson (Snails)
  • Lich of Miragul - Epic encounter for Mirram
  • City of Mist Epic encounters
    • Helped our old friends in Misfits of Marr kill Lord Rak'Ashiir for Shaman epic
    • Teamed with Lighthouse to kill Llranc for Erlig's final epic fight!!
  • Plane of Hate - Earth Staff #3 for Aegis and a huge ALS first
    • Magi P'Tasa
      • Staff of Elemental Mastery:Earth (Vanenia)
      • Apothic Robe (Azzarael)


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